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About Me


Cheryl Killian

My name is Cheryl Killian, and I am the artist here at Raggedy Scrappin. I live with my beautiful blended family, on a 5 acre mini farm called “FrankenFarms” where we also make healing salves and soap. You can visit our other site at Franken Farms.

Our Company was born from the love of drawing. As a child I would draw on anything I could. I passed the time watching my Mother watercolor mice and mushrooms to create beautiful greeting cards, and decided then, an artist, is what I wanted to be. I traveled many artistic roads to get here…. Along the way I found clay, wood, paint and much more. I wrote 4 decorative painting books and still didn’t feel like I had found the niche I was looking for. Until one day, I picked up a mouse. Not the furry little squirmy kind, but the sleek, one wheeled little black mouse that was amazement to me. With no pen or paper I began to create whimsical little people, creatures and lands, and tuck them away to live in the safety of my computer. I began to share them with others and realized that these little people that called my computer home were loved by many. And that is how Raggedy Scrappin was born. Now my little people live with many of the wonderful friends I have met along my journey. They live and play in their computers and make them smile when they come out to visit.

The Killians

It has been a sad few days... Someone I love very much decided that the only way he could run from the demons he was facing, was by committing suicide. And I am writing this because I know too many of our loved ones are running from the same demons Caleb was. I can only pray that through hearing my words someone out there will be able to stop for a minute and think twice... Whatever your drug of choice may be. Methamphetamines, Methadone, Hydrocodone, Oxycontins etc.. Realize you too are running a losing race with your own demons. Caleb Gillihan was a 24 year old, wonderful, loving human being who had 2 beautiful baby girls, and was soon to be a father for the third time. He loved his babies, he loved his family, he loved his girlfriend. He had so much to offer this world, so much potential, he was smart and artistic, and was truly a beautiful soul. But, drugs got a hold of him, and they held on tight. No one, not his family, friends girlfriend or even his children could have done or said anything that would've been able to break the cycle of his addiction. The last several months of his life, had been a living nightmare for everyone that loved him, loving him so much and not being able to get through to him. Watching him try and try again to turn his life around, only to see him continually fail. Can you imagine being so depressed, so irrational, so delusional and paranoid that the only way out, is to put a noose around your neck and jump??? That was where drugs got my precious nephew Caleb. That was his way out!!! And If your thinking, that's not me, I'm stronger than that, just one more high, or any of the million other excuses you'll use to justify getting high again... Please think twice...because your only fooling yourself. Your not fooling the people who know and love you, the people that want to see you happy and whole again. Your going to continue on the same path until you have lost all your self respect, you have forced everyone who cares to distance themselves, you will lose everything that you ever held dear, and the only friends you will have left are your dealer and your fellow "tweekers". You will find yourself surrounded by filth and total chaos. You will eventually come to the realization that this madness has to stop, and if your lucky, you will still have enough common sense left to reach out to those who love you and ask for help. Or you will do like Caleb did, and run as fast as you can and Jump..... I only wish Caleb would've made the choice to reach out, instead he made a decision, one that left everyone who loved him, his family, friends and most of all three little babies behind...Heartbroken. And the decision he made, he can never come back from happy and whole.... Please, please realize these drugs are destroying so many beautiful human beings, it is taking everything we love and cherish away from us... It is time to stop, and think twice.. REST IN PEACE, my precious Caleb. You deserve to at least finally have peace.

I want to thank each and every one of you for showing your support to my family, it means so much to me. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. This is the little boy I fed and diapered, chased around the house, and who gave me away at my wedding when he was just a very small boy. I will miss him so much and I am not sure if my heart will ever be the same.   ~Cheryl  (August 28, 2007)


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